Remercié 16 fois dans 11 Posts Tuto pour changer les ziks de naruto accel 2 Citation: Audio is customizable in any game which features the ADX Logo before the introduction; you can also take the American audio from a game and replace it with the Japanese audio if its available. This guide will be using Narutimate Accel 2 from NamcoBandai as the example though the images are left over from Narutimate Accel 1 , but before I start, let me state that your Playstation2 must be able to read modified media in order for you to customize soundtracks; either through a Hard Drive Loader, Swap Magic or a Mod Chip. Our previous guide used less programs and was simpler, however newer versions of the ADX Sound Systems have become incompatible with that older methodology. Therefore this new guide is being written and should be able to handle any ADX game out today.

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ADX files will be created in this folder.

In order to switch the program into English you must first go to the "Configurazione" F5 menu, select the "Lingua" option and be sure to highlight the English option. Once you have done that, hit the "Salva" button at the bottom; upon clicking you will come up with a prompt that tells you in Italian that you must restart the program before changes come into effect; just click "OK" and move on.

Do not under any circumstances upgrade to the DKZ Studio 0. Before you can start customizing music, you need to first find out what tracks you want to put in and which tracks you will be replacing.

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Every game is different: tracks are in different places and different types of music are more suited to specific games. Thankfully, for Narutimate Accel 2, the identification of track listing has already been done for us. There are many programs you can use to edit music: such as Audacity which is free. I personally use Cool Edit now known as Adobe Audition so that is what I will be using as an example.

Using your preferred sound editor, you need to make sure your music fits well into a video game and loops seemlessly. In most games, when a song ends, it simply restarts without a missing beat back at the beginning; so you need to make sure your songs loop well without a hiccup. After you have edited your music, you need to save it as a BIT.

All music CDs have a frequency of hz, so you need to be checking up on this. If the parameters to your. WAV file are incorrect, then when your game tries to play the music it will conk-out and there will be no more music on your game until you reset your PS2.

Be sure to save your files in the following formats: "stage BAT file with the encoding program.

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BAT file; filenames: adxencd. Opening the.

BAT file in notepad, you will see the following text: You will notice that every line in this file correlates to running "adxencd" on each stage. WAV file with the parameter of "-lpa".

This simply means it is going to convert each.

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WAV file and loop all the music contained there-in. If you are changing some other tracks than the standard 21 included in the batch file or less , then you will have to add new lines defining those tracks or remove lines if doing less. Pour faire cours, vous voulez passer la vitesse supérieure?

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