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The Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Esq., Volume 5

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Sélection jerozen chansons du moment. Gravina believes in the donations of Pepin P. In the insurrection of the Romans against King Hugh and Marozia, they established their ancient government by two annual consuls and tribunes. Young Alberic was one of the first consuls. Gravina cites Blondus ; but Muratori, who places this event in the year instead of , does not speak of consuls.

I am inclined however to be lieve Gravina. The consuls were certainly re established about that time. P- Gravina thinks that Otho III.

The observation seems probable ; yet he does not give his authority ; and it is proved that the office of consul subsisted immediately afterwards, as well as in the following age. Innocent III. Slgon, de Regn. At the request of the people, he created fifty senators to govern the city ; but as they exceedingly abused their power, he reduced them to one only, appointed to distribute justice.


Cantilius de Romano, Historia a Carolo Magno. Under the pontificate of Martin IV. At that time were burnt the ancient edifices whose ruins are still visible on the declivity of the Capitoline hill.

That writer, the most sceptical and lively of his age, never attempts either to con test the truth, or to reveal the secret of that won derful affair. Je ne connois point de fait ni plus extraordinaire ni mieux constate is the just conclu sion of his first account. In his subsequent addi tions, he refutes with force and contempt the idle suppositions that this unknown prisoner was the Due de Beaufort, the Count de Vermandois, or the Duke of Monmouth.


At length, breaking off abruptly, he throws out a dark intimation, qiiil en salt peut-etre plus que le Pere Grifet, et qiiil nen dira pas davantage. If we are disposed to exercise our curiosity and conjectures upon this historical anecdote, we must steadily remember, that no hypothesis- can deserve the least credit, unless it corresponds with and ex plains the following circumstances : 1.

Marguerite and the Bastile was called Marchiali. As the name was most assuredly fictitious, this circumstance seems, and indeed is, of small importance. However, in case an Italian was either the author of his birth, or the guardian of his infancy, a name drawn from that language would most naturally present itself.

Marchiali was buried secretly and by night, in the parish church of St. A few days before his death, the un known prisoner told his physician that he believed himself about sixty years of age. If he reckoned with precision, he was born in the spring of the year , about the time of the death of Louis the Thirteenth, But the dreary hours of a prison move slowly, and the infirmities of age are hasten ed by grief and solitude.

Marchiali could speak only from conjecture ; nor is it unlikely that he might be somewhat younger than he supposed himself. He was conducted to the Isles de St. Margue rite on the coast of Provence, some months after the death of Cardinal Mazarin ; that is to say, about the end of the year 1 66 1 , or the beginning of This is the first among the few events of his life. Marchiali, whoever he was, had never acted any distinguished part on the public theatre of the world. The sudden absence of such a person, in any part of Europe, would infallibly have occa sioned much wonder and inquiry, some traces of which must have reached our knowledge.

But in this instance, using the amplest latitude of time, we cannot even discover any one important death, that leaves the minutest opening for our most licentious suspicions. An illustrious birth was therefore the only advantage by which the prisoner could be distin guished ; and his birth must indeed have been illustrious, since, when Monsieur de Louvois made him a visit, he spoke to him standing, and avec une consideration qui tenoit du respect.

We must ascend very high ere we can attain a rank which that proud and powerful minister of the French monarchy could think it his duty to re spect. The most extraordinary precautions were em ployed, not only to secure, but to conceal, this mysterious captive ; and his guards were ordered to kill him, if he made the least attempt to disco ver himself.

That order, as well as the silver plate which he threw out of the prison window, after writing something upon it, and which fell into the hands of an illiterate fisherman, sufficiently prove that he was acquainted with his own name and condition. The mask, which he never was per mitted to lay aside, shews the apprehension of the discovery of some very striking resemblance. Prisoners of such alarming importance ard seldom suffered to live.

Of all precautions, the dagger or the bowl are undoubtedly the surest. Nothing but the most powerful motives, or, in deed, the tenderest ties, could have stopped the monarch s hand, and induced him rather to risk a discovery, than to spill the blood of this unfortu nate man.

He was lodged in the best apartment of the Bastille, his table was served in the most delicate manner, he was allowed to play on the guitar, and supplied with the finest laces and linen, of which he was passionately fond. Every kind attention was studiously practised, that could in any wise alleviate the irksomeness of his perpetual imprisonment. When Monsieur de Chamillard, in the year , was on his death-bed, his son-in-law, the Marechal de la Feuillade, begged on his knees, that he would disclose to him that mysterious transac tion.

The dying minister refused to gratify this unseasonable curiosity. It must have been a secret of no common magnitude that could still affect the peace and welfare of future generations. Before we proceed to a probable solution of these strange circumstances, let us try to connect them with some facts of a more public and general nature.

The doubtful birth of Louis XIV.

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The first grounds of the suspicion are obvious. He was born after a sterile union of twenty-three years between Louis the Thirteenth and Anne of Austria. But as such an event, how ever unfrequent, is neither destitute of possibility, nor even of example, the scandalous rumour would long since have died away in oblivion, had it not derived additional strength from the character and situation of the royal pair.

Had his indifference towards the sex been confined to the queen, it might have been considered as the mere effect of personal dislike ; but his chaste amours with his female favourites betrayed to the laugh ing court, that the king was less than a man.

Without reviving all the obsolete scandal of the fronde, we may respectfully insinuate that Anne of Austria s reputation of chastity was never so firmly established as that of her husband. To the coquetry of France, the queen united the warm passions of a Spaniard. Her friends ac knowledge that she was gay, indiscreet, vain of her charms, and strongly addicted at least to ro mantic gallantry.

It is well known that she per mitted some distinguished favourites to entertain tier with soft tales of her beauty, and their love ; and thus removed the distant ceremony, which is perhaps the surest defence of royal virtue. At the age of fortythree, she was left an independent widow, mis tress of herself, and of the kingdom.

The civil wars which raged during the mino rity of Louis XIV. The Austrian pride, perhaps, and the useful merit of the minister, might determine the queen to brave an insolent opposition ; but a connection, formed by policy, might very easily terminate in love.

The necessity of business would engage that prin cess in many a secret and midnight conference with an Italian of an agreeable person, vigorous constitution, loose morals, and artful address. The amazing anecdote hinted at in the honest memoirs of La Porte, sufficiently proves that Mazarin was capable of employing every expedient to insinuate himself into every part of the royal family. If Anne of Austria yielded to such opportu nities, and to so artful a lover; if she became a mother after her husband s death, her weakness, and the consequences of it, would have been care fully screened from the eye of curious malignity.

When Louis XIV. If the strong grasp of Louis XIV. In a word, the child of Anne of Austria and of Cardinal Mazarin would have been at once the brother and the most dangerous enemy of his sove reign. The humanity of Louis XIV. It is scarcely necessary to add,, that I suppose the unfortunate Marchiali to have been that child. If the several facts which I have drawn together blend themselves, without constraint, into a con sistent and natural system, it is surely no weak ar gument in favour of the truth, or at least of the probability of my opinion.

May k, ME Lausanne, 10 Decembre, JE n ai lu qu une tres petite partie de cet ouVrage. Les calculs dont il est rempli, en interdisent l entre"e a quiconque n est pas mathematicien acbeve". Cependant la partie chronologique que j ai lu m a fait bien du plaisir. Newton et M. II fait une remarque assez curieuse sur le verset II le para phrase de cette maniere.

La domination app. Quoiqu on pourroit faire quelques objections centre ce sentiment, cependant on doit au moms avouer que si non vero e ben trovato. II ne s agit point ici de leur exis tence comme petit etat, mais comme monarchic assez puissante pour 1 emporter de beaucoup sur toutes les autres, et pour meriter les noms des quatre grands empires. Pour ce qui regarde la foiblesse du royaume de Babylone jusqu k Nabopolassar, voici ce qu en ditle PerePetau: "Quod regnum Babylonicum, scilicet victis tenue et Assyriis obnoxium ab Nabopolassaro ej usque filio Nabuchodonosoro amplificatum est, ut et Medos ipsos et Assyrios sibi subjiceret.

E suivante. II etablit ensuite que le dernier sacrifice avant la persecution d Antiochus fut celui de Paqucs ans avant notre Seigneur. De la fte dePaquesd inclusivement jusqu a celle des Ta bernacles de exclusivement, se trouvent justement ans plus une fete. II nous dit lui-mme qu il Feut dans la troisieme ann6e du regne du roi Balsatsar. On suppose avec Prideaux que ce Balsatsar est le Nabonadius de Ptole mee.

La question est, dans quel terns de Fannee. Si c toit dans 1 automne, Fepoque que nous cherchons tombe dans la troisieme annee du regne de Balsatsar, et le systeme de M. Le regne de Tibere dura 22 ans suivant le canon. Point du tout : il avoit commence au mois d Aout de Fan Mais Ptolem6e ne comptoit que les amides re" volues qui ii etoient en effet que C est le regne de Laborosoarchod de neuf mois qu il pretend que Ptole"mee avoit renferme dans celui de Nabonadius.

Evil-Merodach, dit-il, commenca a regner a. Mais sans parler de ma premiere remarque, ce calcul me semble fond6 sur une supposition qu on aura peine a admettre, que Ptolemee avoit renferme" les neuf mois de Laborosoarchod dans le regne de Balsatsar, et qu alors, pour 6ter a Balsatsar ce qu il lui avoit donne de trop, il avoit ajoute au regne de Cyrus, neuf mois de celui de son predecesseur.